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 Rules For game/forum.

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Rules For game/forum. Empty
PostSubject: Rules For game/forum.   Rules For game/forum. Icon_minitimeWed Jul 28, 2010 8:40 am

GunZ: Online forum rules/in game

1.) No Double Posting , Spamming in Forum or in Gunz.

2.) No Posting Warez or any related material of the sort.

3.) Do not post your advertisements in this section. There is one defined here:

4.) Before posting your problem, Please use the search button to check if it's been answered.

5.) Do not attempt to control the section. You have not been granted the right of moderation, so be kind and respectful to the moderators.

6.) Do not post any hacks, cheats, exploits, etc in this area. We are a development forum not a skiddie forum.

7.) Use forum tags to help advertise the problem at hand.

8.) If you feel there is a problem with a post, please use the report button. Posting in a spam thread WILL get you an infraction.

9.) Do not ask for specific help on a specific server because this section is for Development.

10.) Do not ask for someone to get on Team Viewer or MSN, because someone else may have the exact same situation.

11.) Spamming the thread with a useless comment will get you a warning or an infraction.

12.) If you're posting about an error with your server or client, please provide as much information as possible.

13.) Don't flame / troll / ego, because that will result in an infraction.

14.) If no one has a solution you may send a private message to a moderator!

15.) No advertising at all.

16.) Be kind to other members.

17.) Before you post a release, please read and respect the following rules:

18.) This is a must. NO RELEASING OTHER SERVER'S FILES. Infractions WILL be given.

19.) Hack/cheat is not allowed at all hack is banable.

Best Regards Matrix-Team.
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Rules For game/forum.
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